Workplace Readiness Training

Workplace Readiness Training

Learn skills to help you stand out from others in the workplace, just like this dove displays its uniqueness.

At school you learn many skills that ar


Course contents

textmedia How does this Online Course Work?
textmedia Course Overview & Learning Objectives
textmedia What are Ethics?
textmedia Your Moral Compass
quiz Test your Moral Compass
textmedia Why Bother with Ethics?
textmedia Avoiding Ethical Dilemmas
quiz Can you avoid these ethical dilemmas?
textmedia Pitfalls and Dilemmas
textmedia What to do if you Make a Mistake
quiz Ethics Test
video The Communication Process
textmedia Communicating by Speech
quiz Communication Test
textmedia Asking Questions and Probing
textmedia Listening in Communication
quiz Asking Questions & Probing Test
textmedia Definition of Emotional Intelligence
textmedia Understanding Emotions
quiz Model of Emotion Test
textmedia Goleman’s Five Components of Emotional Intelligence
quiz Matching the Five Components Test
textmedia The Benefit of Emotional Intelligence
textmedia Improving your Emotional Intelligence
quiz Identifying Tone and Body Language Test
textmedia What is Conflict?
textmedia Facts About Conflict
textmedia Determining your Involvement
quiz Should you get Involved?
textmedia Guidelines for Assertive Anger
quiz Identify the Strengths
video The Conflict Resolution Process
quiz The Conflict Test
textmedia Respect in the Workplace
quiz Showing Respect Test
textmedia Receiving Instructions
textmedia Constructive Criticism
textmedia Receiving Criticism
quiz Test your Knowledge
textmedia Innovating on the Job
textmedia Working as a Team
quiz Advantages and Disadvantages of Teamwork
video Daily Attitude
quiz Attitude Test
quiz Time Waster Test
textmedia The To-Do List
textmedia Prioritising
quiz Prioritising Test
textmedia What is Personal Brand?
textmedia Dress for Success
textmedia Developing Confidence
quiz Personal Brand Test
textmedia Establish Yourself Financially
quiz Financial Test
quiz Final Overall Test

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Palomino Training Solutions was established in June 2006 with the view of improving customer service and frontline staff in South Africa.


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'Empowering others to help themselves through training, education & motivation.'