Training Services

Training Services

We have a number of online options available to you in order to suit your specific needs.
Please see below for what we offer and contact us to help you setup your best-fit solution.

Online Training for all your Other Needs

Do you need to train your staff on certain procedures?

Online Training for Customers

Ensure that your customers are up to speed and fully understand how your products work by setting up an online tutorial for them.

Online Training for Employees

A quicker and effective way to upskill your staff, while keeping them productive and present in the workplace.

Online Training for Individuals

Do you want to sharpen your skills and expand your mind?

About us

Palomino Training Solutions was established in June 2006 with the view of improving customer service and frontline staff in South Africa.


Our mission

'Empowering others to help themselves through training, education & motivation.'