Debt Collecting

Debt Collecting

Bad debt is a serious matter for any company. It has been known to ruin otherwise successful concerns. However, it is essential to ensure that your de


Course contents

textmedia How does this Online Course Work?
textmedia Course Overview & Learning Objectives
textmedia DEB02 Introduction
textmedia Smile and Dial with a Positive Attitude
textmedia It’s all in the Tone
textmedia Debt Collecting Tips
quiz DEB0201 Test your Knowledge
textmedia DEB03 Introduction
textmedia Be prepared
textmedia Ask Questions and Listen
textmedia Make Notes and Focus
quiz DEB0301 Test your Knowledge
textmedia DEB04 Introduction
video Broken Promises and Arguments
textmedia Objections
textmedia Getting a Commitment and Summarising
quiz DEB0401 Test your Knowledge
textmedia DEB05 Introduction
textmedia The Eight Steps
quiz DEB0501 Test your Knowledge
textmedia DEB06 Introduction
textmedia The Communication Process
quiz DEB0601 Test your Knowledge
textmedia Communication Barriers
textmedia Assertive Communication
quiz DEB0602 Test your Knowledge
textmedia DEB07 Introduction
textmedia Voice and Voice Production
textmedia Putting it All Together
textmedia Does Body Language Affect Voice Production?
textmedia Breathing Exercises
quiz DEB0701 Test your Knowledge
textmedia DEB08 Introduction
textmedia Becoming a Better Listener
textmedia Decide to Become a Better Listener
textmedia The Welcoming Vibe
textmedia An Open Mind
textmedia Listening is an Active Process
textmedia Tips for Being a Better Listener
quiz DEB0801 Test your Knowledge
textmedia DEB09 Introduction
textmedia Dealing with the Gatekeeper
textmedia Clouding and Acknowledging
textmedia Probing and Asserting Yourself
textmedia Dealing with Stress
textmedia Case Study
quiz DEB0901 Test your Knowledge
quiz DEB0902 Test your Knowledge
textmedia DEB10 Introduction
textmedia The Aggressive Debtor
textmedia The Straightforward Debtor
textmedia The Passive Debtor
textmedia The Deceptive Debtor
textmedia Remember
quiz DEB1001 Test your Knowledge
textmedia DEB1101 Introduction
textmedia Managing Debtors Effectively
quiz DEB1101 Test your Knowledge
quiz Final Test - Debt Collecting

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