Assertiveness Skills

Assertiveness Skills

A Fish Eagle never doubts his ability to catch his prey.  Building your self-esteem is the first step to becoming more assertive and is essential for


Course contents

textmedia How does this Online Course Work?
textmedia Course Overview & Learning Objectives
textmedia S02 Introduction
textmedia About Self-Esteem
textmedia Origins of Low Self-Esteem
quiz S0201 - Test your Knowledge
quiz S0202 - Test your Knowledge
textmedia S03 Introduction
textmedia Stop Spreading Negative Messages
textmedia Throw out Perfectionism
quiz S03 - Test your Knowledge
textmedia S04 Introduction
textmedia Building Confidence in Others
textmedia Creating Positive Impressions
quiz S04 - Test your Knowledge
textmedia S05 Introduction
textmedia Building Up and Tearing Down
quiz S05 - Test your Knowledge
textmedia S06 Introduction
textmedia Techniques that Work
quiz S06 - Test your Knowledge
textmedia S07 Introduction
textmedia Negative Thoughts
textmedia Flip It Around
textmedia Tyrone's Thinking
quiz S07 - Test your Knowledge
textmedia S08 Introduction
textmedia What do you Want?
textmedia Case Study
quiz S08 - Test your Knowledge
textmedia S09 Introduction
textmedia Identifying Dreams and Setting Goals
textmedia My Own Goal Setting
quiz Final Test - Assertiveness Skills

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