Anger Management

Anger Management

Anger is a universal experience. Tigers get angry, bees get angry, and so do humans. You do not have to be a psychologist to know that managing anger


Course contents

textmedia How does this Online Course Work?
textmedia Course Overview & Learning Objectives
textmedia S02 Introduction
textmedia About Anger
textmedia The Five Dimensions of Anger
textmedia An Anger Story
quiz S0201 - Test your Knowledge
textmedia S03 Introduction
textmedia The Costs of Anger
textmedia What Are Your Anger Pay-Offs?
quiz S0301 - Test your Knowledge
textmedia S04 Introduction
textmedia What is the Process?
textmedia Understanding Trigger Thoughts
textmedia Using an Anger Log
quiz S0401 - Test your Knowledge
textmedia S05 Introduction
textmedia Is Anger the Best Response?
textmedia Distorted Thinking
textmedia Magnifying
textmedia Destructive Labelling
textmedia Imperative Thinking
textmedia Mind Reading
quiz S0501 - Test your Knowledge
textmedia S06 Introduction
textmedia Behaviour Types
textmedia Aggressive and Manipulative Behaviour
textmedia Passive and Assertive Behaviour
quiz S0601 - Test your Knowledge
textmedia S07 Introduction
textmedia Coping Strategies
textmedia Sanctuary
textmedia Taking Care of Yourself
textmedia Relaxation Techniques
quiz S0701 - Test your Knowledge
textmedia S08 Introduction
textmedia Asking Good Questions
textmedia Types of Questions
textmedia Active Listening Skills
textmedia Tips for Becoming a Better Listener
textmedia The Assertive Formula
quiz S0801- Test your Knowledge
quiz Final Test - Anger Management

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