Influence and  Persuasion

Influence and Persuasion

A peacock's tail is striking and majestic - just like a person who has mastered the skill of being influential and persuasive.

Many people never real


Course contents

textmedia How does this Online Course Work?
textmedia Course Overview & Learning Objectives
textmedia S02 Introduction
textmedia How Persuasion Works
textmedia The Factors of Persuasion
quiz S0201 - Test your Knowledge
textmedia Influence, Persuasion and Manipulation
quiz S0202 - Test your Knowledge
textmedia S03 Introduction
textmedia Pushing and Pulling
textmedia Communicating with Confidence
textmedia Frame of Reference
quiz S0301 - Test your Knowledge
quiz S0302 - Test your Knowledge
textmedia S04 Introduction
textmedia Building Rapport
textmedia Establish and Maintain Rapport
textmedia Mirroring and Matching
textmedia Mirror and Matching Scenarios
textmedia Leading
quiz S0401 - Test your Knowledge
textmedia S05 Introduction
textmedia Five Points for Any Presentation
textmedia The Five S Framework
quiz S0501 - Test your Knowledge
textmedia S06 Introduction
textmedia The Importance of Story
textmedia Metaphor vs Analogy
quiz S0601 - Test your Knowledge
textmedia S07 Introduction
textmedia Defining Neuro Linguistic Programming
textmedia A Brief History
textmedia Understanding Common NLP Terms
textmedia Embedding Positive or Negative Commands
textmedia Influencing Outcomes
quiz S0701 - Test your Knowledge
quiz Final Test - Influence and Persuasion

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