Employee Orientation

Employee Orientation

Don't let new staff members feel lost like a mouse in a teacup. Welcome the new starts with a thoughtful new employee induction programme, coupled wi


Course contents

textmedia How does this Online Course Work?
textmedia Course Overview & Learning Objectives
textmedia EMP02 Introduction
textmedia Identifying Tasks
quiz EMP0201 Test your Knowledge
textmedia EMP03 Introduction
video Building Employee Commitment
textmedia Self Reflection
textmedia Building Commitment
quiz EMP0301 Test your Knowledge
textmedia Clarity
textmedia Competence
textmedia Influence
textmedia Appreciation
quiz EMP0302 Test your Knowledge
textmedia EMP04 Introduction
textmedia Why Perception is Important
document Inventory
quiz EMP0401 Test your Knowledge
textmedia EMP05 Introduction
textmedia Fast-Track Orientation
textmedia EMP06 Introduction
textmedia Using Your Experience
textmedia Mistakes to Avoid
quiz EMP0601 Test your Knowledge
textmedia EMP07 Introduction
textmedia Ten Characteristics
quiz EMP0701 Test your Knowledge
textmedia EMP08 Introduction
video The Big Picture
textmedia Stages of the Curve
textmedia What Can Be Done to Bridge the Commitment Gap?
quiz EMP0801 Test your Knowledge
textmedia EMP09 Introduction
textmedia Habit One: Some aspects of orientation start right away.
textmedia Habit Two: An orientation checklist helps get things done.
textmedia Habit Three: On-the-job training includes coaching or mentoring.
textmedia Habit Four: Orientation is a process, not an event.
textmedia Habit Five: Many stakeholders are involved.
textmedia Habit Six: Orientation relates directly to the organisation’s business plan.
textmedia Habit Seven: Orientation is not just HR’s responsibility.
textmedia Habit Eight: Focuses on honesty, not quantity or quality.
textmedia Habit Nine: Consistency is maintained.
quiz EMP0901 Test your Knowledge
textmedia EMP10 Introduction
textmedia Obtaining Buy-In
quiz EMP1001 Test your Knowledge
textmedia EMP11 Introduction
textmedia Preparing Effective Training
textmedia Addressing Learner Needs and Expectations
video Learning and Training Styles
textmedia Applying the Learning Cycle
textmedia Training Styles
quiz EMP1101 Test your Knowledge
textmedia Building and Sustaining Interest
textmedia Methodology
quiz EMP1102 Test your Knowledge
textmedia EMP12 Introduction
textmedia Principles of Adult Learning
textmedia Applying the Principles
quiz EMP1201 Test your Knowledge
textmedia EMP13 Introduction
textmedia Working with External Providers
textmedia EMP14 Introduction
textmedia Establishing Good Relationships
textmedia Buddy, Please Help Me Out…
quiz EMP1401 Test your Knowledge
textmedia EMP15 Introduction
textmedia Employee Manuals
quiz EMP1501 Test your Knowledge
quiz Final Test - Employee Orientation

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