Change Management

Change Management

Managers often have to implement changes and deal with the resistance that comes with change.  This workshop will help you understand the dynamics o


Course contents

textmedia How does this Online Course Work?
textmedia Course Overview & Learning Objectives
textmedia Reflection
textmedia S02 Introduction
textmedia What is Change?
textmedia More About Change
quiz CM0102 - Test your Knowledge
textmedia S03 Introduction
textmedia The Change Cycle
textmedia The Three Phases
textmedia Insights
quiz CM0301 - Test your Knowledge
textmedia S04 Introduction
textmedia The Human Reaction to Change
quiz CM0401 - Test your Knowledge
textmedia S05 Introduction
textmedia The Pace of Change
quiz CM0501 - Test your Knowledge
textmedia Case Study: Getting More from the Last Hour
quiz CM0502 - Test your Knowledge
textmedia S06 Introduction
textmedia The Four Room Apartment
textmedia Think Tank
textmedia S07 Introduction
textmedia Understanding Resistance
textmedia Making Change Stick
quiz CM0701 - Test your Knowledge
textmedia S08 Introduction
textmedia Adapting to Change
quiz CM0801 - Test your Knowledge
textmedia S09 Introduction
textmedia Managing Anger
textmedia Dealing with the Anger of Others
quiz CM0901 - Test your Knowledge
textmedia S10 Introduction
textmedia Stress Management Techniques
textmedia Adjusting Your Attitude
quiz CM1001 - Test your Knowledge
quiz Final Test - Change Management

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