Flash Course: Conflict Resolution

Flash Course: Conflict Resolution

Sometimes in conflict we try to shut the other person down and not hear their point of view. Conflict Resolution is all about understanding other peop


Course contents

textmedia How does this Online Flash Course Work? COM_TJLMS_LESSON_STATUS_
textmedia Course Overview COM_TJLMS_LESSON_STATUS_
textmedia What is Conflict? COM_TJLMS_LESSON_STATUS_
textmedia Facts About Conflict COM_TJLMS_LESSON_STATUS_
textmedia Determining your Involvement COM_TJLMS_LESSON_STATUS_
quiz 01 - Test your Knowledge COM_TJLMS_LESSON_STATUS_
textmedia Guidelines for Assertive Anger COM_TJLMS_LESSON_STATUS_
quiz 02 - Test your Knowledge COM_TJLMS_LESSON_STATUS_
video The Conflict Resolution Process COM_TJLMS_LESSON_STATUS_
quiz 03 - Test your Knowledge COM_TJLMS_LESSON_STATUS_

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